What divorce courts consider for spousal support

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Spousal or partner support in California is awarded under certain circumstances. During a divorce or legal separation, it is vital that individuals discuss these issues with their legal counsel. Doing so may help ensure that they are ready for divorce and can begin to get their finances together.

Factors that the court will evaluate

According to divorce law in California, a number of factors may be considered. They include the following:

– How long the two individuals in question were married or together
– What amount of money is necessary to maintain the standard of living to which an individual has become accustomed
– The finances of the supporting spouse and the ability of the spouse to actually pay
– The ability of one partner to get another job and whether getting another job would create a negative impact on that person’s ability to be a good parent and raise their children
– If any crimes, such as domestic violence, were committed as part of the partnership or marriage
– Tax impact of spousal support
– The professional skills of the partner in question and the job market for those skills

As you can see, this is not a set, scientific formula, nor is it meant to be completely inclusive of all factors. However, this should give individuals a good idea of what factors go into making a spousal support decision.

Understanding the circumstances in which such support may occur can make your finances much easier to manage. For example, you can create a budget to get more education or a new job so that you’re able to provide for yourself after the set spousal support period ends.