How to create a post-divorce parenting plan

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2022 | Divorce & Legal Separation |

From the onset, some divorces may seem like win-lose situations. One party might feel like they have it all together, while the other struggles to come to terms with the new reality. 

However, if you have a child together, one of the most important decisions you will have to make is your child’s custody and living arrangement going forward. This is where a post-divorce co-parenting plan comes in. Most often, the family court will encourage divorcing parents to work out a parenting plan that works for everyone. But how do you do this?

Here are three way you can create a parenting plan that works:

Put your child’s best interests first

Whatever parenting plan you come up with will have to be approved by the family court. And for this to happen, the plan in question must, first and foremost, focus on the child’s best interest. Will the plan take care of the child’s physical, emotional and psychological needs? 

Depending on the child’s age, you may want to take their wishes into account when determining the best interests of the child.  

Come up with a schedule

Your family’s new routine will largely be dictated by the parenting plan that you will come up with. As such, it is absolutely important that you work out a schedule that will work for everyone and stick to it. Again, this schedule should focus on the child’s needs as well as your co-parent. 

Work out a communication plan

It is easy to assume that you will somehow keep in touch with your ex and somehow seamlessly communicate regarding your child’s wellbeing. However, this is never a great idea. You are better off coming up with a communication plan as soon as divorce becomes inevitable. 

Coming up with a post-divorce parenting plan that works for everyone requires deliberate effort from both parties.