Can divorce increase your happiness? Research says, probably so

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2023 | Divorce & Legal Separation |

What do you expect you will remember about your divorce? That it was painful and plagued by intense, unpleasant emotions? That is how most people recall their divorces.

It is true that divorce causes a lot of pain in most situations. You may feel you have nothing to look forward to in your post-divorce life, but research indicates otherwise.

Less anxiety and stress

Even if you do not realize it initially, living in an unhappy marriage is a top cause of chronic stress and anxiety. You can likely expect your post-divorce life to be much more peaceful and relaxed. You will no longer need to watch what you say or do for fear of igniting an argument with your spouse.

More opportunities

Did you ever turn down a fun outing or party invitation because your spouse did not want to go? We all must make compromises in marriage, but sometimes it turns out that only one party is giving up something. After your divorce, you will probably enjoy having the freedom to do what you like without having to clear it with anyone.

Self-directed economics

As a top cause of divorce, money problems can plague marriages from start to finish. Once you separate your finances during the divorce, you are free to make your own economic decisions. For many, control of their financial situation is a surprising and valuable effect of divorce.

It is normal to fear the aftermath of a marital break, especially if this is your first time. Additional knowledge about the legal ins and outs of getting a California divorce can help you obtain a fair property settlement. This can help your post-divorce life get off to a good start.