Divorce trends in 2024

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The divorce rate in The United States is one of the highest globally, with almost 50% of marriages resulting in divorce. This percentage increases by nearly 10% for those who have been married multiple times and persists for each subsequent marriage. Yet, despite this, the divorce rate in our country has decreased every year since the new millennium started in 2000.

The divorce rate in California is higher than the national average, with approximately 60% of marriages in the state ending in divorce. Nine percent of the state’s population is divorced. This phenomenon may be attributed to a decrease in the number of marriages occurring initially.

What is fueling these trends?

There are a variety of factors influencing the divorce rate in the United States that are unrelated to the termination of marriages. For example:

  • A significant number of 18-24-year-olds, up to 56%, choose to reside with their parents instead of entering into marriage, according to the 2023 America’s Families and Living Arrangements report by the U.S. Census Bureau.
  • 16% of individuals aged 25 to 34 continue to reside in the residence where they grew up and remain single for longer. 
  • A growing number of people are choosing not to get married due to reasons including job emphasis, caring for aging parents or financial concerns. 
  • Some single parents have also opted to stay single while raising their children, and some have moved back in with their parents.
  • Another significant trend is the increase in the number of individuals who choose to live together as parents without being married.

As these trends show, some people are either delaying marriage or choosing not to marry at all, despite having children. That being said, couples still marry and divorces still occur. If you are planning to divorce your partner, seek assistance to help you navigate the journey.