Why You May Consider Establishing A Trust For Your Estate

Among the many tools at your disposal throughout the estate planning process is the option to establish a trust. Despite common perception, trusts are valuable tools for estates of all kinds, both large and small.

At The Law Offices of C. Lee Hewitt, we have decades of experience working with clients across California and managing estates of all kinds. We work within the legal system to create a personalized estate plan and work with you to ensure that your estate plan and trust achieve your goals. Come into our office and tell us about how you envision your estate.

How Trusts Protect Your Hard-Earned Assets

A trust places parts of your estate, like your home or savings, into trusted hands and often relieves your loved ones of the burden of administering your property. A trust creates a more formal structure than a will, and it creates a structure that your loved ones must follow. Trusts also can reduce time in probate, manage property in very specific ways and minimize unnecessary tax burdens.

Among the most common property placed into trusts are houses, but they also can include larger savings, businesses and other complex assets. Find out more about how a trust can benefit your estate planning needs at your first appointment.

When You Are Ready To Get Started, We Are Here

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