Spousal & Child Support

When A Marriage Ends, Will Financial Support Continue?

During a marriage, one spouse often provides some level of financial support to the other. Both spouses work together to support the child. When a marriage comes to a close, one of the critical questions that comes up is whether or not the support will continue, and in what form.

When you choose The Law Offices of C. Lee Hewitt to represent you, we will work with you to determine whether or not you believe support is necessary. We will stand by your side to pursue an outcome that meets your needs.

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Spousal Support: How It Works

No specific guidelines exist to determine when and how much spousal support should be issued after a divorce. However, there is a variety of factors that the courts will look at, including difference in income and earning potential of the two spouses.

We will work closely with you to address both temporary and permanent spousal support. Our lawyers are committed to getting an outcome that makes sense for you.

Child Support: How It Works

Unlike spousal support, child support is determined based on very strict guidelines. For the most part, numbers are entered into a formula to determine an amount of support. Very little deviation can take place.

However, the formula is only as accurate as the numbers entered into it. Our team will take great care to see that the right numbers are entered. We want fair results for you.

We Handle Child Support In All Contexts

In addition to handling child support in divorce cases, we can also address support issues when they arise in paternity cases.

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