If Marriage Is A Partnership, Who Gets The Property That The Partnership Produced?

In Alameda County and throughout California, the divorce laws follow a system referred to as community property. This system says that marriage is a partnership. Regardless of who purchased what and who earned what, all property obtained during a marriage is a product of that partnership and belongs to both spouses.

However, this does not mean that property division is simply a matter of dividing everything in half. Far from it. At The Law Offices of C. Lee Hewitt, our attorneys understand property division and know how to pursue results that are fair for you.

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Our law firm has more than 35 years of experience representing people in matters involving property division and the dissolution of marriage.

Is It Community Property?

Our lawyers understand that the real challenge lies not necessarily in the division of property but in determining whether the property is community.

Not All Property Is Community Property

While all property acquired during the marriage is community property and subject to equal division, not all property was “acquired” during the marriage. We will work hard to trace separate and community property acquisitions. We will take great care to see you walk away with what is rightfully yours.

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