Having A Will Gives Your Family A Plan

A will is the cornerstone of almost every estate plan. It is one of the fundamental documents that lets your loved ones know what you want to be done with your property and how to manage your affairs in the wake of your passing.

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What A Will Can Do For You

A will offers guidance to your heirs in the event of your passing, but it can also do more than simply allocate property. A will is able to:

  • Name the person who will be responsible for administering your estate
  • Provide a comprehensive list of your assets, accounts and important documents and information
  • Give direction on whether your property should be divided among multiple heirs and how to do so
  • Establish a guardian for your minor children and provide direction on the care of other dependents or pets

While the conversation may be hard, knowing that you have a will in place gives both you and your loved ones valuable peace of mind. The Law Offices of C. Lee Hewitt can help you create a will that compliments other estate documents, like trusts, and update your will as your life changes.

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