Have You Been Nominated As The Executor Or Trustee Of An Estate?

If you have been nominated as an Executor of an Estate or Successor Trustee of a Trust, there are rules under the Probate Code that set forth your responsibilities to the beneficiaries and creditors. We guide you through the process, making sure that you comply with the requirements and help you transfer the estate or trust assets to the beneficiaries.

Are Their Last Wishes Being Carried Out Properly?

Have you lost a family member, only to find out that someone is standing in the way of his or her last wishes being carried out? Has someone exerted undue influence to manipulate your loved one’s will? Has someone accused you of improper dealings regarding an estate?

The Law Offices of C. Lee Hewitt can help. Our lawyers know how to handle estate disputes, including those that escalate to probate litigation. We are here to listen to you, learn about your loved one’s wishes and strive to see that they are carried out properly.

More Than 35 Years Of Estate Planning Experience

Our law firm is known in Alameda County and the surrounding parts of California for our ability to get positive results for our clients. When you come to us, we will make you comfortable and confident that you made the right choice. We will work hard to get positive results in a probate litigation and estate dispute case.

We Can Handle Any Estate Dispute

Our attorneys can handle any type of probate or estate litigation matter. Essentially, these cases come in two forms: those that involve manipulation of a loved one or interference with estate planning prior to death, and those that involve mismanagement of an estate after death.

The first category involves the following types of cases:

  • A person exerting undue influence to manipulate someone who lacks the capacity to make decisions into altering his or her will or trust
  • Taking advantage of someone prior to death to obtain assets so they can’t be passed on through a will or trust
  • Forging documents to create false wills or trusts

The second category includes a situation in which a person who is in charge of a trust is accused of mismanaging it or taking money for him or herself. Other cases include executors of wills failing to work in a timely manner to distribute assets.

No matter what type of conflict has come up, our probate litigation and estate dispute lawyers can help.

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