What tips can help you while going through a custody battle?

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Former spouses in California whose divorces were anything but amicable might have an uphill battle with child custody battles. However, custody laws and certain tips can help things to be easier.

How is custody decided in California?

In California, the law prefers to have both parents receiving child custody. A judge will evaluate both parents and make a decision based on what is in the child’s best interests. The following will be considered when deciding custody:

• If either parent has a history of substance use disorder
• The health, safety, and welfare of the child
• Contact the child has with both parents
• Whether there’s a history of abuse in a parent against the other parent or the child
• Other various factors

Additionally, if the child is at least 14, the court may also make a decision based on their wishes and opinions.

What to do when in a custody battle

Just like the court, when you’re in a child custody battle, you should focus on what’s in the best interests of your child. If you’re battling with your ex, it shifts your focus off the child. Remember that your child is who you should focus on during this time.

Working together civilly with your estranged spouse can help when custody needs to be decided. Even if you have your differences, putting them aside can help when it comes time to co-parent and create a visitation schedule. You could end up getting joint custody when you work together.

Be careful when using social media. You should refrain from posting anything negative about your ex. Don’t even mention that you’re battling for custody of your child.

Always stay positive and engaged in your child’s life. It shows the court that you’re a dedicated parent who takes your child’s interests seriously.

Stay level-headed at all times when going through a custody battle.