How is divorce different for older couples?

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Divorcing couples share certain experiences – they all have to deal with legal and emotional issues. But some people go through different experiences from others, and a good example is those divorcing after 50 years – often referred to as a gray divorce.

Here is how gray divorce can be different:

Complex property division

A significant percentage of people going through a gray divorce have been married for years. This means they may have accumulated a lot of assets or established businesses along the way. Accordingly, gray divorces typically involve complex property division, as more assets have to be valued.

Further, besides businesses, cash and properties, older people are more likely to have retirement plans, life insurance policies, airline miles, digital assets and stock options, which can be challenging to divide.

Overwhelming emotions

Emotional factors also make gray divorce different. Firstly, if a couple has been married for years, it can be more difficult for them to separate. Additionally, the idea of “starting over” at an older age can make one stressed, especially the party that didn’t initiate the divorce.

Another emotional factor in this divorce type involves the children. Adult children can be devastated by the breakup of their parents. They may feel burdened to alter family traditions and roles. This divorce may also change their relationship with their parents, especially if there is conflict between the parents.

Different priorities

People going through a gray divorce usually have different concerns from those divorcing earlier in life. Those with adult children don’t need to worry about child custody, which is a primary issue in divorces involving minor kids. Older people mostly think about property division, spousal support and expenses that come later in life. 

If you are seeking a divorce, you should get legal help to protect your interests.